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  • Aimee Trafton

    Aimee Trafton

    I like to mix it up, so writing tends to run from serious and heavy to sarcastic and absurd. Oh, and I love dogs, so they might show up on occasion…

  • Lyubomyr (Lou) Reverchuk

    Lyubomyr (Lou) Reverchuk

    Daddy of my #babygirl. Your IT labor guy at https://echoua.com. The little #traveller. Avid #squash player.

  • Eduardorabassallo


  • Rose Ernst

    Rose Ernst

    Academic editor and writing consultant. Former tenured professor and chair of political science. Happy fiction author. Find her at roseernst.net.

  • Yogi


    ASP. NET Core Full Stack Developer — Frequently posting web development tutorials & articles. I have a passion for understanding things at a fundamental level.

  • Steve Halama

    Steve Halama

    How to prevent emotional allergy from getting worse?

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