Earthlings wonder why they have not been visited by eternal beings yet. It is because they (the earthlings, that is, not to leave you with an ambiguous pronoun) do not know what the cause of aging and death is yet.

For the various current eternal beings who are still partying in intergalactic space, once the cause was known, the solution was simple and clear, though it was exceedingly difficult to implement, and it took thousands, and for others, hundreds of thousands, and for some, millions of years to fully achieve.

Sorry for all those who have already died — there will be no recreating you anytime soon — the party is not over yet… but, on the bright side, there is no rush, given eternity… though infinity introduces some motivation for those endowed with prescience…


Why would they want to (recreate those who have already died)?

Allow me to pause for a moment to answer this question of ‘recreating those who have died’ (in religious parlance, this would be ‘resurrecting’). I will examine it philosophically (rather than technically, since I, sadly, do not know how to resurrect people yet), and I will use my enlightened Philosophy of Broader Survival as a reference, since it is the only philosophy that centers around cosmic survival, and since it is the only philosophy of cosmic survival founded on verified knowledge (rather than on nonsense, whether it is mystical or fashionably nebulous), most of which has been recently discovered, where we now have enough verified knowledge to realize that the universe is a harsh and deadly place, and based on the prudent assumption that, given the evidence (and lack thereof), consciousness in not eternal, it dies with its bio-platform, therefore consciousness must be valued (since it is not guaranteed) (but not inevitably lost, as the eternal beings now know, and who have worked to secure it — for themselves, so far).

So using my philosophy as a reference, we can formulate an adequate answer. The answer to why anyone would want to recreate you is because of Infinity. What this means is that even eternal beings are never fully secured in the universe, given infinity, where there may still be undiscovered threats to their existence ‘out there’ that must be discovered, then evaluated for any potential beneficial properties (though still dangerous), then solutions developed (for the threat aspect, and for any benefits), and then the solutions (better if various and customized to different habitats) disseminated and implemented. A tall order, and it takes a collective effort, meaning social coordination and cooperation on a large scale (of free and independent enlightened minds, no small order in itself), at least initially, individual solutions being the preferred ideal.

Now, to take you deeper into the answer (because I must), the enlightened eternal beings know that the more enlightened minds that there are in the universe, the further out into Infinity consciousness can be spread, and the higher the odds of the survival of higher consciousness in a harsh and deadly universe. As for non-conscious life (plants) and lower conscious life (animals), note that higher consciousness takes priority, not only because it is aware of more threats and benefits to life (placing it in the ‘guardian’ role), and not only because it knows that there most likely are ever-more and ever-broader threats ‘out there’ (and in the infinity within us) that have not been discovered or solutions to found, but also because higher consciousness, when enlightened (and it has the capacity of being enlightened) places the highest priority on securing life, consciousness, and higher consciousness in a harsh and deadly universe. Sorry to say that on earth, this level of enlightened priority has not been achieved yet — not mentally (the first step) or in significant resulting actions (the follow-up step). Humans are still wholly clueless and foolish, if not knavish (and die they all will, probably never to be resurrected) (hence their fanciful placeholder beliefs).

Thank you, human, for your philosophical indulgence (and patience). We can move on now.

Let’s ‘move on’ in the form of a question, and in the pursuit of its answer. No, I am not talking about the Greatest of the Great Question of Life, that of “Why Bother?” (which must be answered before you even turn to any of the other Great Questions) (and since I have already answered it — “because consciousness is a good thing”) (think of the alternative). I am talking about “Why space exploration?”

First, we must dissect the erroneous term “Space exploration” because it gives people the wrong idea, and sets their mentality askew. It is not ‘space’ that we want to explore — space is the emptiness between objects, so it is the objects in space (and any fields of force associated with them) that we wish to explore.

Digging another mental level deeper (because I can), it is not merely the objects and fields that we know of that we wish to explore, but those that we do not know of yet, too (since they may be threats, or potential benefits, to life).

Digging another mental level deeper (because I can), it is not mere ‘discovery’ that is our end goal, but that of looking for new habitats that have the resources to sustain population growth and dispersal (still two critical factors in broader survival, along with the others — among them being Diversity, Extended Reasoning, Proaction, Exploration, Problem Solving, Social Organization, Abstract Communication, and Higher Technology).

Digging even deeper (because I can), ‘looking for new habitats and resources’ is not ‘why’ we are pursuing them — we do not do it on blind principle (which is what humans currently do in all of their endeavors, the fools, beginning with science), we have a higher reason. What is this higher reason? If I thought you (a human) could fathom it, I would tell you. Since you cannot properly sense its value, I won’t. It would be like trying to teach a dog calculus.

OK, I will try, just to waste my time. The higher, and in fact the highest reason for doing anything (which answers the Greatest of the Great Questions, “Why Bother?”) is “Because higher consciousness is a good thing”. It is what all of serious life aspires to (and note by saying ‘serious life’ I am excluding present-day humans). This Ultimate Value of Life (yes, higher consciousness is the Ultimate Value of Life) comes with an associated goal (as does any value), which is to secure that value, which, in this case, happens to be the Ultimate Goal of Life (which, just to note, gives us the ultimate determining factor in distinguishing good from evil, which are goal-driven, and which, just to note, then facilitates truly worthwhile individual lives and relevant civilizations, which will then more effectively contribute toward the Great Struggle — that is, perpetually increasing the security of higher consciousness in a harsh and deadly universe against the background of the boundlessness of infinity and eternity, which, in the physical world do not exist, and are hence the ‘great nothingnesses’ in which everything exists).

So we should not be saying “Space Exploration”, we should be saying “Securing Higher Consciousness in a Harsh and Deadly Universe” (which includes finding and enlightening new life), and, below that, “Searching for New Habitats and Resources to Increase Population and Dispersal”, and below that, “Searching for New Objects and Their Fields of Forces”, since we are not really interested in ‘space’ other than as a relative location tool between objects and fields of forces.

Just to dig one last level deeper (because I can, and because you are still focused, congratulations), we should not be saying ‘securing higher consciousness in a harsh and deadly universe’, since, given infinity and eternity, absolute ‘securing’ is not possible, but we should rather say “Engaging in the Great Struggle”, which is the perpetual process (in time) of ever-expanding (in space) such security.


Now that we have all of that out of the way, we can turn our attention to the eternal beings. Why are they still partying, and why haven’t they come to earth to inform us and save us from aging and death?

They are still partying because they are not yet fully enlightened. Yes, they have achieved ‘eternal’ status, but they are, incredibly, still clueless. You can get a sense of this ‘incredible cluelessness’ just by considering humans, who are endowed with higher consciousness, and who have an adequate amount of verified knowledge at hand to discover the solution themselves, but who still choose to cling to the deficient mindsets of their primitive, formative past while ignoring, aye, even disdaining, the extremely hard-won (and mountains of) new verified knowledge that other humans have gained (for all). I call such backwards mindsets and their resultant behavior “Obstinate Ignorance”, being driven largely by social acquiescence to foolish fashions, rather than an incapacity to think.

Why haven’t the eternal party beings come to earth to enlighten us? Because not one of them wants to expose themselves to the cause of aging and death. You see, earth exists in a Death Pit. Yes, it is a cradle of life, and that is the irony — for what causes life to self-assemble and collectively evolve into new emergent properties is also what causes aging and death.

What is this “cause of aging and death” that keeps eternal beings as far away from it as possible (and thus earth), though it generates life, and though it then gradually shreds and destroys it?

Is it something mystical (as in the gobs of mystical babble that humans have produced since time zero)? No, it is not. Is it something that is pure make-believe (which is what past, and current, humans have preferred to live by instead of reality)? No, it is not that, either. Is it something that will induce yet another inane cult for the clueless? Thankfully, no. Is it mere capricious creativity, as from a child? No. Nyet. Nada.

This ‘cause’ of aging and death is what scientists refer to as ‘radiation’. Yes, that simple energy that we receive from the interior of the earth, and from the sun. You see, even though it is a component of the creation and sustenance of life — molecular self-assembly and the resultant various emergent properties could not have occurred without it, it is also the harbinger of death, because it gradually breaks down living organisms, until they ‘age’ (the process of gradually breaking-down), and eventually die.

There you have it. This is why eternal beings exist in intergalactic space — it has the lowest concentrations of the various deadly radiations. Now, to get back to earth and humans, no eternal being in its right mind would want to enter any radiation death zone just to enlighten the primitive inhabitants still in development there — meaning they will not go anywhere near a planet or a star. It is like “Thank you for giving us life, but we must get as far away from you as possible now.”

So traveling to earth would be a suicide mission, which is generally not an option for any enlightened eternal being.

This is not to say they are not working on it — I mean, with higher technology, you would think they would have found a solution by now, and that they would have come to earth to enlighten humans already in order to increase the number of enlightened higher consciousnesses in the universe… but no. They are, as the title to this exploration indicates, still partying. Sorry for you, but they do have a lot of foolishness to work out of their systems yet. You will just have to be patient, and endure death in the meantime.

There are signs of hope, however — they are running out of Martini olives, and they have their eyes turned toward earth’s legendary orchards (as reported by the quick fly-by’s of daring eternal beings), meaning a trip to earth is beginning to enter into their pointless conversations…







Copyright 2018 by Wayne P. Biro
aka Numi Who
All Rights Reserved by Wayne P. Biro






Electronics technician. Writing Style: Unschooled. Philosophy: Humanity has a serious problem. Read the Philosophy of Broader Survival, which addresses it.

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Mr. Numi Who~

Mr. Numi Who~

Electronics technician. Writing Style: Unschooled. Philosophy: Humanity has a serious problem. Read the Philosophy of Broader Survival, which addresses it.

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