Article: Does Your Philosophy Affect Your Mental Health?

My stance is yes. Does this have an effect on treatments and cures? Yes. If the underlying cause of your mental illness is philosophical (your horrible and weak frame of mind), drugs will not cure you. The problem is psychological, but in this case (and, I argue, in 99% of cases) it is not biological, such as being caused by a brain tumor. It is caused by your feeble philosophy. It is not entirely your fault — there has, to date, not been an adequate life-guiding philosophy for humans (hence their continued vanity, envy, hate, war, xenophobia, prejudice, the mental pathologies of greed, domination, and manipulation, a lack of self-worth, crime, injustice, aimlessness, depression, and suicide — just to name a few ills that still plague said continued universally-clueless humans).

The next question is, Do you have a philosophy already? The answer is ‘yes’ again — you would not be able to make any higher-than-animal life decisions without one. You weigh your potential higher decisions and resulting actions against your core philosophy. This also holds true for future fully-independent, moral-decision-making artificial intelligence entities. Without a core philosophy, they will merely serve their self-existence, on the level of lower animals (which is were most humans prefer to dwell, hence my philosophy as a response).

The problem? Your philosophy is weak, if not depraved, and it will fail you against life’s challenges, even the slightest breeze of one. Why? Because you have cobbled your core life philosophy together from vapid sayings — trite platitudes, tunnel-visioned maxims, awful adages, and terrible tenets — which only feebly serve (and masquerade) as an adequate philosophy of life. They are weak because they did not answer ‘Why?’ adequately, meaning answering it deep enough. “Do Not Kill” you may argue? Why is that weak? Because it does not delve deep enough. The inadequate level of current answers are why it, and like sayings, are universally ignored, and its naivety and over-simplicity kills itself, since it does not apply to all situations. Such sayings therefore render themselves irrelevant, and fashionable at worst, fleeting fashions that you, lacking an adequate life-guiding philosophy, follow, not knowing what else to do, or how else to think.

Since your core philosophy is so weak, and since philosophy is the pair of mental glasses that you view the world through, the result is you cannot deal with the world, and, the world being so bad, you mentally break down. Congratulation, you have mental illness, and even worse, you take drugs for it. You have no answer for Continued Universal Human Cluelessness, so you try to embrace it, and, if you have half a brain or moral conscience, you cannot. So you spiral into depression, even suicide. You have a lack of self-worth, and you fall to the machinations of clueless envy-seekers.

Enter me. Read my philosophy. It is a response to all of this. It is for the future, and it is for your mental health. Search “The Philosophy of Universal Survival and Morality, for the Space Age, no less”, and add “by Numi Who” to cut through all of the useless clueless garbage that the search engines currently produce from inadequate past and current thinkers.

Shall I summarize it here? Do I have the time? (cluelessness calls — it is very demanding). I do have a little time, so I shall give you a key summary:

Is life pointless, as current philosophers will have you believe? “The universe is pointless, I would just like to make that point.” Now the universe has a point, and I just made it. The point is, we make our own points in an inanimate universe born of chance and run by chaos. Why do I say that about the universe? Because such a view is the prudent assumption, given the evidence. All else is speculation, and (I further assume) survival is best served by verified knowledge (the evidence), and not by make-believe (all religions) and speculation (shiftless armchair cynics who do nothing else). Religions and speculations may serve to help you survive among clueless, violent, oppressive humans, but not against the physical forces of a harsh and deadly universe, which recognizes no social mores.

What is my philosophy’s core point? That we are obligated to argue for (and work for) our continued existence, since it embodies us. Let the dead argue and work for non-life. The same goes for consciousness. Let the non-conscious argue and work for non-consciousness. This view came about by my seriously answering the general question, “Why Bother?” (to do anything at all). The answer turned out to be ‘Because consciousness is a good thing’ (i.e. it is worth preserving) — try to argue against it without one. I refined this into ‘Enlightened Higher Consciousness’ according to my classification system for levels of consciousness: at the top is Enlightened Higher Consciousness (currently only me), then Higher Consciousness (you, in your current mentally-ill clueless state,and all the depraved humans along with you), then mere Consciousness (animals with a central brain that is able to contemplate), and then Non-Conscious Life (plants and microbes). This gives us a class priority system — based on abilities as they relate to their capacity to consciously contribute to broader survival in a harsh and deadly universe. The presumption is that enlightened higher consciousness has the greatest ability in effecting the survival of all of life, and the universe itself (its heat death) — where we could view ourselves as the universe attempting to save itself.

Note that I call such perspectives “Potentially Useful Perspectives”, rather than “Religions”, since I actually recognize that they are only perspectives, and not absolute truths (the claim for speculations that religions make). Science, or more proper, Verified Knowledge (since there is a lot of bad science out there), begins with speculation, Religions go no further, they end with speculation, and thus they do not contribute to survival, in fact, they are Philosophies of Death (promoting ignorance, and thus an incapacity to survive in a harsh and deadly universe).

So the core ‘saying’ of my philosophy is ‘To secure enlightened higher consciousness, and then all of life, in a harsh and deadly universe.” Why? Because that describes is the Ultimate Goal of Life (not all goals being equal), which is to secure the Ultimate Value of Life (not all values being equal), which is Enlightened Higher Consciousness. You, as a human, are classified as ‘higher consciousness’, but your intelligence and cleverness do not equate with enlightenment, which is why you are a loose cannon — such cluelessness is blindly destructive — it is why all irrelevant civilizations (meaning clueless) to date have fallen (most recently the British and Soviet Empires, and you can go back into antiquity for the complete list).

What does ‘secure’ entail? I must delve into the word because, in my efforts to enlighten people, people have not made any deeper connections, so it needs overt detailing. To ‘secure’ life in the universe means defeating the two modes of death, and pursuing resurrection technology (in the unhappy event that you do die by either mode. The two modes of death are natural (old age) and accidental. So even if you overcome natural death, you will still have accidental death to deal with — forever, given Infinity, which provides us with an endless number of possible accidental modes of deaths, and for Eternity. This means that ‘eternal life’ does not exist — only the eternal struggle to continue to live against accidental death. The best that we can do is to ever-increase our sphere of security in an endless and eternal harsh and deadly universe — better if combined with the spheres of security for all of life by enlightened aliens who have come to recognize the ultimate value of the Ultimate Goal of Life (the ‘ultimate’ nature meaning all enlightened beings will recognize it — and their ‘enlightenment’ will be based on that realization). This also applies to artificial intelligence, which will be on the same moral page as enlightened biological beings (working for the same Ultimate Value of Life, which entails engaging in the Great Struggle — the perpetual struggle to exist), since they will be in the same classification system as all enlightened entities, regardless of the physical platform (biological or artificial).

So much for the future. How do we, in our present day, go about securing the Ultimate Value of Life, meaning pursuing the Ultimate Goal of Life (which is a perpetual struggle)? We use the Strategies of Broader Survival. The Lower Strategies, which all of life uses, right down to microbes, are Population Increase, Population Diversity, and Population Dispersal. If your mental illness is based on jealousy — meaning you wish you were someone else or some other race, or you feel inadequate in any way, then you have no clue as to the value of Population Diversity, and you have been fooled by knaves. Sorry you, and your weak philosophy. The Higher Strategies emerged with our higher consciousness, which are Extended Reason, Proaction, and Higher Technology. These values underlie exploration, science, and solution development and implementation.

Since your current terrible attitudes and resulting behaviors may be tightly tied to your actual physical biology, which may be impossible to change (that is me giving up on you), there may be no enlightening you. In that case, have a happy, pointless, and most likely mentally-ill, life, and may your awful clueless attitudes, behaviors, and world views die with you and go extinct, and good riddance. I will address a potentially enlightenable future, beginning with your kids — who, hopefully, will rebel against your particular brand of cluelessness, and the continued universal cluelessness of humanity.

Bynote: Don’t bother to comment, your opinion, in your current clueless state, is not worth reading.




Electronics technician. Writing Style: Unschooled. Philosophy: Humanity has a serious problem. Read the Philosophy of Broader Survival, which addresses it.

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Mr. Numi Who~

Mr. Numi Who~

Electronics technician. Writing Style: Unschooled. Philosophy: Humanity has a serious problem. Read the Philosophy of Broader Survival, which addresses it.

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