Article: The Numbers — Why the Media is Irresponsible Concerning the Corona Virus

Consider this pandemic comparison chart:

See how diminutive the Coronavirus is? Even given that, one can ‘spin’ the numbers any way one wants, i.e. you can make numbers (especially statistics) say anything you want with deft spin.

Example: I’ve heard the media say that the Coronavirus is up to 30 times deadlier than the average flu. As you can see, that is true, since the death rate is 3% compared to 0.1%. What they are not giving you is the total number of cases, which is diminutive, even compared to an average flu season.

You can argue that the total numbers would have been higher if precautions had not been taken, but the counterargument is that the virus is not that virulent, taking mostly the elderly, which is true for any flu season. It is not killing tens of a percent, nor millions or tens or hundreds of millions of people, not even in backwards Third World countries where ‘health care’ is a futuristic concept, and where most of the deaths occurred.

The media could say, with pride, that they helped initiate precautions, and they can, but one can also say that they are resorting to lowly sensationalism because it generates revenue. Knowing that, you can allow them their histrionics. Not knowing that, you are gullible.

This gullibility is the result of people being ignorant of intermediate math, where they would know how such numbers can be manipulated. From the chart above, I can make this overly-focused (and hence distorted) chart:

You are not given the important numbers. You are given extreme spin, i.e. Fake News (since it is a distortion, which counts as ‘fake’, since it does not present the important data, only selected data that is then sensationalized).

Is fake news new? No. It has existed since news began, and their denial intensity is about the same (extreme). For example, when confronted with their own fake news, major media scurried to deny it and point their fingers anywhere but at themselves, and they only doubled down on their fake news (since the last election), no having learned that half the population does not like to be manipulated by the media (hence the voting outcome of the last presidential election). “I voted with my middle finger” (toward the media) said one Trump voter. “Congratulations for standing up to your media” said one foreign leader.

What is the solution here? Education. Unfortunately, wanton ignorance (where it matters) is the current craze, and there is no changing people — they will go to their graves with their current horrible attitudes and prejudices.

In the meantime, the media does a lot of damage by playing on this ignorance, failing to serve humanity in a responsible way.



and it only gets worse. Remember that 0.1% death rate of the average seasonal virus, the number that the Coronavirus was compared to for the “30 times deadlier” claim? Well, that was based on the 3,750 reported deaths in 4,000,000 reported cases. The original number was 375,000 deaths, and I saw that that was way more than 0.1% — it is around 8%, so, in order to come up with 0.1%, I knocked off a zero. But even that wasn’t enough. I had to knock off ANOTHER zero. Yes, I had to make the death rate 100 TIMES less to match the media’s number. I had no problem with it — 8% seems to be a rather high death rate for the average seasonal virus, and the numbers varied widely between sources (or they were non-existent in the case of the number of world-wide cases of most of the pandemics, humans beings so primitive).

So the numbers themselves are fluid, and, in the hands of unscrupulous data manipulators, they can present a completely distorted picture of reality — just what you needed, right? Well, I hope you enjoyed your media-induced scare, and your pretty-much needless scurrying around and excited gossip.

And yes, things get even worse. You know those death reports? They are common with the seasonal flu, too, not that the media will mention that when they are raking in advertising profits during the blitz. All I can say about their targeted population is the phrase ‘Media Puppets’. Just what the world needed (rather than my Philosophy of Broader Survival). Have a nice delusional day.

One argument is that the CDC issued dire warnings. No, they said to take standard precautions, and extra precautionary measures if you are a weak demograph (the very young and the very old).

Here is a timeline of how the Spanish influenza played out:

This is without modern means of prevention. You can see that it ran its course in a few months, then had a slight rebound (charts for other pandemics are similar). According to this chart, at its peak it had a death rate of 2.5%.

With the questionable 0.1% for the average flu season, and the 3% of the Coronavirus, a public scare campaign can be easily whipped-up, even ignoring the far better pandemic measures of today as compared to 1918, of which the media plays a central role, though it takes sleazy self-serving liberties with it.




Electronics technician. Writing Style: Unschooled. Philosophy: Humanity has a serious problem. Read the Philosophy of Broader Survival, which addresses it.

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Mr. Numi Who~

Mr. Numi Who~

Electronics technician. Writing Style: Unschooled. Philosophy: Humanity has a serious problem. Read the Philosophy of Broader Survival, which addresses it.

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