“Come on, Dave– you aren’t going to attack ‘fun’, are you?”

“Only when it is clueless, my love.”

“Please explain for the benefit of our new reader…”

“We have a new reader? Imposterous.”


“Something the Cowardly Lion would say in the Wizard of Oz… it’s all about that certain creative ‘mood’, you know… maybe it expends excess calories, who knows…”

“So what is wrong with clueless fun, Dave?”

“It has to do with the acronym ‘US’…”


“Yes, ‘US’.”

“Ultimate Survival?”

“Why, yes, but that is not what I had in mind…”

“The United States?”


“Universal Suffrage?”


“…and if our Cosmic Model A does not answer all of the questions…”

“Wait a minute — are you implying that your only motivating factor, your only goal, is to ‘answer questions’? Do you mean you have not thought life through any deeper than THAT? Do you mean you are addressing life, life in a harsh and deadly universe, that CLUELESSLY?”

“No, yes, and maybe.”

“Defend yourself.”

“No, then. The goal is to not merely answer questions — for it is implied that, by finding the answers to critical questions, we are benefiting life…”

“Hold on — wait just a…

“We are receiving electromagnetic signals from that planet.”

“Are they signs of intelligent life?”

“Yes. They appear to be communications.”

“Then let’s go introduce ourselves.”

“Shall we eat them?”

“No, I would not recommend that. If they are anywhere near possessing higher consciousness, then that level of consciousness is not only to be preserved, but actively promoted.”

“You are referring to the Ultimate Value of your Philosophy of Broader Survival, and its premise that the more higher consciousnesses there are, the higher the odds of the survival of higher consciousness in a harsh and deadly universe.”


“But what if…


“What ho? Why aren’t those animals tagged?”

“Here is a copper and a silver to look the other way.”

“It appears that I either accept your pieces… or your hungry swords.”

“You are a very wise tollman.”

“Yet I do pray that you are not rogues. Our willage has been unfortunate enough of late…”

“Do tell of your willage’s misfortunes. Wizards we be.”

“Pirate Wizards, by the sounds of ye.”

“Aye, ye be right, near so. Sons of Pirates, and nasty scoundrels they were.”

“My condolences.”

“But they took good wives, who paid for all of our wizard apprenticeships.”

“Breaker breaker.”

………“Breaker breaker.”

………………..“Breaker breaker.”

…………. “Breaker breaker.”

……………………….“Breaker breaker.”

……..“Breaker breaker.”

…“Breaker breaker.”


“Why do all the alien truckers love to say ‘Breaker breaker’…?”

“It all has to to with being a hotshot cowboy.”

“But none of them even have cows on their planets.”

“None of them are cowboys, either. Look. If you could wear boots and spurs and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat pulled down low over your hot and dusty eyes, holstering two fully-loaded, repeating Colt 45’s with pearl handles, and drive off into the sunset with a pretty girl in your eighteen wheeler saying “Breaker…

“So, now what are you going to do?”

“I want to write a piece pointing out how humanity is currently safely stupid.”

“But you’ve been saying that the universe is a harsh and deadly place. How can anyone be ‘safe’ in it?”

“Low threat probabilities.”


“The universe has ‘settled’ enough to have allowed life to evolve to the point of haphazardly producing us — meaning beings with higher consciousness. But the universe is not absolutely ‘safe’ yet. The vastness of space itself is a hazard to dispersal and continued resources. The odds of life-annihilating events are astronomically low, but…


Five Freeform Songs — Set 1

Five Freeform Songs — Set 2

Five Freeform Songs — Set 3 (the ‘Ahhh’ Series)

Five Freeform Songs — Set 4


Song #1:

Millennial Whoop Song:

“In Our Beginning”

Hear it:

2019 Millennial Whoop 02 — Ensemble Effects Sing 01

In our beginning…

We sailed on tall ships,

Caribbean midnight strollers;

and we were full enough,

rusty-dancing on smiles.

Can you remember -

our house in a slow sky;

a season of red wine;

beauty in silence

rusty-dancing on smiles…

A field of potatoes

lunch in the tall grass,

a dragon Christmas…

“What are those alphabet soups of acronyms, Dave?

“That is our next mission, my dear. The first acronym refers to fashionable social sexual pretensions.”

“Fashionable sexual social pretensions?”

“Yes, a sub-symptom of cluelessness…”

“Sub-symptom of cluelessness? I have never heard that term from you, Dave…”

“It just came out now, spurred by this situation, I suppose.”

“So another micro-insight to add to your philosophy…”

“Yes, and more work, since now I must gruelingly attempt to describe a specific screwed-up behavior in terms of a main symptom of cluelessness, or combinations of them, or the ‘first-order’ symptoms of cluelessness.”

“First order…

“We are going on an exploration.”

“No! Not another exploration! Don’t we know enough already? I’m tired of exploring.”

“OK, I’ll leave you behind. Does anyone else want to go on an exploration?”

“No.” “No.” “No.” “No.” “No.” “No.” “No.” “No.”

“I guess that leaves just me, then…”

“Now, where do I begin… ah — by pushing this button, and then this button, and, of course, by pushing the next one hundred and sixty nine buttons, all in an exact, specific sequence, otherwise the ship will blow up…”

“Life has been reduced to which button to push next…”

“That is…

“What is that, Dave?”

“It is a chart depicting what earth age we currently live in. We are near the beginning of the Space Age in the Holocene epoch in the Quaternary period of the Cenozoic era in the Phanerozoic eon, as far as our author’s earth is concerned.”

“How many eons did his earth have so far?”

“Four. The first was the Hadeon eon, which looked like hell…”

“Is that inhospitable ground earth?”


“Then what is that in the background?”

“That is its moon, soon after it formed from the debris from Earth’s collision with Theia, very early…

Mr. Numi Who~

Electronics technician. Writing Style: Unschooled. Philosophy: Humanity has a serious problem. Read the Philosophy of Broader Survival, which addresses it.

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